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So i wanted this to be some type of love advice thins but I’ve deiced i’d much rather talk about my life and other things and see hows it goes i will deff still answer any questions, at my discretion of course, cant give away everything, and yeah I’ll post things that i feel are relevant to my feelings throughout the week and write two entries at least twice a week.


Todays lesson is one we can all use, trust.

Trust you boyfriend or girlfriend, trust your friends, your family. Its imperative in this world that one thing we have is the trust of others, and the ability for others to trust you.

Everyone one wants to be trusted, but not everyone deserves it. Soo what makes someone trustworthy? Well for starters giving your trust to others. Dont just assume someone should trust you if you don’t trust them. That’ll never work.

Another thing try to keep it 100% with whoever it is, if were always honest there’s no reason for lies….but of course in relationships there’s always the question of how honest you should be, well I’m not god so i don’t have a indefinite answer for every one, but honestly be as honest as you want. Will this cause problems, Idk that depends on your level and your version of honesty.

But the real reason I decied to talk about trust to today is this, I hate significant others that think they have a right to go through your things, facebook, phone, email etc. Honestly it shows a compleate lack of faith and trust in the other person. So if they find something they dont like who’s to blame well….my opinion the nosy nosy S.O. (significant other) why? BecauseĀ  what you dont know can’t hurt you. Of course the other person isnt absolved of their wrong, but two wrongs dont make a right. So if this is someting your struggling with, whether it be friend, family, lover. Talk to them sit down and sort it out.

Word of advice: If your in the wrong don’t let your guilt, sorryness, w.e the case define how the conversation goes. Stand up for yourself, becausse the other party will feel like they have the upper hand and the fact that they utterly and compleatly broke rules of privacy will go un disscused, in your bid to make everything right.

If you are the wronged, try to keep mind that you did something wrong to and your as guilty as the other. Try to put yourself in their shoes before you go spouting off w.e its you’re going to spout off. Whatever you looked may not be the full picture, although sometimes what you see is what you get. Shrug.

So what can I say, if you’ve done something wrong and you feel really bad about it come clean, if you dont….well dont get caught.

Try to remeber that in order to gain trust you have to give it, and to keep you have to be willing to do alot of things, and not all of them are peachy. And whereas I LOVE honesty in my relationships and I do mean complete honesty, not everyone is the same.

I’m not here to validate anyone’s point just to give both sides and throw around advice. So if you need me trust me I’m here.

(X’s & O’s) P.s. There not for hoes.

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